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State:   Cross River
City:   Calabar South
City:   IKOM
Job Type:   Permanent
Work Experience:   More Than 5 Years
Telephone:   +2347064917840

you are welcome to the land of riches and power where your dreams shall come to pass,
Shake hands with the spirit of money and enjoy a lifetime of wealth, luxury and extravagance.
Live large as you’ve always wished.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
We are a Thelemic group working the lesser and greater mysteries of the Western tradition as these mysteries have been influenced by the Book of the Law.

We are a group of strong
brothers who came from
different walks of life for
the purpose of alliviating
the sufferings of our
people Supreme Brotherhood
are most probably the
most well known
secret society in the world. For years the world
economy has functioned
on the premise: To get
ahead you have to step on
those around you. You are
on your own, struggling to keep your head above
water. This is what this
gross misinformation with
which we had been raised
has led us to, to misery,
uncaring and wanting. Secret Societies protect
their members, protect
what is dear and precious
to them through secrecy,
because if the rest find out,
these sacred things including the truth will also
be destroyed. we are here to protect you
if you so desire!

A lot of Nigerians are really backward-minded.The moment they hear “occult”, their minds just go to what they watched on their lame home videos, cheap soft sell religious books and constant brainwashing from their pastors. They are the same people who run to babalawo when church doesn’t seem to be “helping” and they will come here pretending to be “holy of holies”.

Do you know how many occultic orders there are in the Catholic church? A lot of the orders/fraternities/occults you see today have deep foundations in the church and there is no bishop or pope that doesn’t belong to at least 3 orders. Someone here used Jay-Z and Beyonce as an example.How lame! Even if they belong to occult, have they affected your life negatively? For your information (if you don’t know) everything about your life as you know it today is connected to an order

SUPREME BROTHERHOOD HAVE THE POWERS AND formulas to keep a steady flow of money coming through your doors and includes wealth-drawing, and to bring riches into your own life and ultimately get whatever it is you want out of your success.

Ultimately, achieve whatever you want to your life or career. Imagine yourself never having to worry about money, again — having all the wealth you will ever need and enjoying the fruits of your successful endeavors.

Looking for a job promotion?
A pay raise?
A business of you own?
instant riches; power,fame, protection or
Maybe you would like a lifetime of leisure and relaxation — knowing that you need never work, again.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


We have received several emails regarding our stories on the SUPREME BROTHERHOOD. Most have asked how they can join while others simply wanted to understand the phenomenon further.Today, we look at how to join this secret society. According to the rules and regulations on how to join The BROTHERHOOD, the promise of wealth, success, power and domination simply by joining the red is heresy. Powerful, Influential, intelligent, entrepreneurial, successful and wealthy individuals make up the brotherhood order. In order to join the Supreme brotherhood there is no secret handshake and you cannot just say that you are Supreme family — when you are part of the New World Order you can rest assured that you will know, without being told. Surrounding yourself with successful people who support your goals, aspirations and achievements will raise your social stature; these people will know you are part of the Supreme brotherhood without you needing to say a thing; this successful and supportive network of people will also be Supreme . Supreme brotherhood members are handpicked through their achievements, ideas and concepts, through their interests or dedication to a cause. The New World Order guides potential candidates to become an red associate, however being guided into the secret society does not automatically grant you a membership. Mutual interest is essential for successful initiation. Conspiracy Theorists have tried to decipher the Supreme’s code, and by branding the order as domineering, Supreme worshiping clans in order to gain greed, success and power are a fallacy. Being Supreme is a state of mind, belief in your own success and surrounding yourself with others who believe in the same mindset will successfully guide you on your way. Having a positive mental attitude towards success creates success and success creates wealth, which leads to a mutually exclusive group of people — The Supreme brotherhood. Opening your mind, dreaming and strive for success in your own right and leading by example are all traits of successful candidates and members. You can get more information on how to join the Supreme brotherhood movement via our grand master. Email: supremeconfraternity@gmail.com or call +2347064917840

and Famous; is the world oldest and largest
fraternity made up of 3 Millions Members.We are
one Family under one father who is the Supreme
Being. In SUPREME BROTHERHOOD we believe that we were born
in paradise and no member should struggle in
this world. Hence all our new members are given
Money Rewards once they join in order to
upgrade their lifestyle.; interested viewers should
contact us; on.. (supremeconfraternity@gmail.com) or call +2347064917840

Incredible wealth and fortune will be yours once you are initiated into the SUPREME BROTHERHOOD OCCULT!! you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! You have nothing to fear and are in no danger by joining the BROTHERHOOD. It will bestow upon you great material wealth, riches, influence, powers and business opportunities. Money will come to you from unexpected sources!! Don’t wait!! You can be living the life you always dreams of with the help of the SUPREME BROTHERHOOD

interested viewers should
contact us; on.. supremeconfraternity@gmail.com) or call +2347064917840

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Contact Name: frank gabriel  
Address: calabar
Phone: +2347064917840
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